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4 Accessibility Apps to Help You Excel at Work

Guest article by Patrick Young from Able USA.

If you have a disability, you know better than anyone the difficulties and frustrations of a less accessible workplace.

Fortunately, with the rise in technology comes a rise in apps specifically designed to help people with different disabilities progress in their careers.

Dragon Anywhere

If you are unable to type, Dragon Anywhere is specially designed to capture dictation at a professional level so you can draft emails, memos, or other important documents without needing to type at a computer. Dragon Anywhere is 99% accurate, and allows you to use your voice to edit and change the formatting of your document.

In contrast to generic word-to-text converters, this app learns how you speak so that you can dictate with greater accuracy. You can also create customized words, and once your document is finished, you can share it on email or dropbox.


With both a website and an app, Wheelmap is an excellent resource for people who use wheelchairs. There are all sorts of reasons why you may need to leave work — an unexpected lunch meeting, a get-together with a client, or a work event. Choosing where to go is stressful if you don't know whether the location is wheelchair accessible. Wheelmap shows information on local places, displaying whether they are fully accessible, partially accessible, or not accessible at all. The site is crowdsourced, with local users inputting the information on each location.

Ghotit Real Writer

Ghotit Real Writer offers a range of products, including an app and a computer program designed to help people with dyslexia or dysgraphia. In a professional environment, it can be incredibly frustrating to spend excessive amounts of time writing and editing a document only to find it still has mistakes. Ghotit is a proofreader, as well as a grammar and punctuation checker, that is specifically designed to catch the types of mistakes dyslexic writers often make. It can offer word predictions, context-specific spell checks, and speech feedback. Additionally, it provides dual highlighting to help you read your document.

Miracle Modus

Have you ever suffered from sensory overload? This common symptom can occur as a side effect of a number of conditions, and it can be temporarily debilitating, making it impossible to continue working. Miracle Modus is an app created by a designer with autism, and is specifically designed to help quell the symptoms of sensory overload. It shows soothing, colorful lights and makes a soft ringing sound. Being able to take some time to yourself to recover from sensory overload will make it significantly easier to get through the workday.

No matter what your job, having an up-to-date smartphone will make it easier to connect with clients, stay informed, and make the best use of accessible technology. If you're due for an upgrade, the iPhone 12 is a great choice — it's incredibly fast, has a longer battery life and powerful cameras. If you prefer Android, try the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra; this smartphone features intelligent performance to learn how you use your device so that it can predict your needs.

Another advantage to having the latest device is the Qi-compatible batteries. Qi is a method for charging your battery without wires. Instead of having to manipulate a tiny charger into a tiny port, the larger target you get with a wireless charger is much more accessible.

Every day, technology is continuing to adapt and become more accessible, offering new apps and programs to help everyone perform at their best. By finding the tools that work for you, you'll be able to excel in your chosen career.

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