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Winning the candidate experience battle in the war for top talent

In a competitive talent market, employers have a very small window in which to impress top candidates. Providing a positive experience is crucial if you want to add the best talent to your team.

Shorter hiring processes, comprehensive and constructive feedback, accurate job descriptions and to be evaluated on objective and subjective parameters show to have a significant positive impact of candidate's attitudes to a potential employer.

Being aware of preferences helps pinpoint problem areas in your hiring process. Your candidates are, just like your customers, ambassadors for your brand and a positive experience translates to talent retention, motivation, and advocacy.

Creating a positive candidate experience in a hybrid workplace

A tech-enabled candidate experience strategy will help you engage with a larger talent pool, move quickly, and weed out latency. However, tools can only do so much. A hybrid workplace also requires a tactful approach to formulate the right process, channels and standards to hook in-demand talent. A positive candidate experience requires:

Clarity on role requirements

You must understand fully what skills are non-negotiable and what are good-to-haves. Failure often comes from seeking someone who has it all through a lack of understanding of what is required. Create your ideal candidate persona and leave some breathing room.

Expectation setting

Once you have clarity, provide candidates with a clear picture of what the hiring process will look like and set clear expectations up front. This includes transparency on timelines and steps.

Transparrent communication

Providing a clear overview at each stage of the process keeps candidates engaged, and building a personalised experience that feels authentic and human will help you make meaningful connections to talent you want to attract.


Being adaptable to changes and different hiring situations reduces the chances of missing out on great talent. Remaining too rigid can be off-putting. Give candidates options, such as being open to out-of-hours or off-site interviews.

Leveraging your employer value proposition

Candidates, like customers, shop for value. This often goes beyond compensation and exemplified through growth and learning opportunities, core values, employee programs and mental wellness. If you offer such benefits, shout about them. If you don’t, clearly state your plans to do so or risk being ignored over those that do.

From a candidate’s perspective, interviews are a difficult experience. It’s in your best interest to create a welcoming environment so they feel comfortable expressing who they are and what they’re capable of, increasing your chances of hiring the best fit for your company.

Are your producing inclusive and objective job descriptions? Are interview panels relevant to the role? How are you providing regular and constant feedback? What tools are available to assist a more fluent technical assessment?

If you’re revisiting your hiring process and would like expert insight on aligning your candidate experience with the demands of the market, we’re here to help.

Through our expertise and flexible solutions, we can help you provide exceptional candidate experiences that attract and secure the best talent for your critical roles.


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