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Evolving Agency Recruitment: Navigating the Search for Technical Talent

Having navigated the hurdles of an uncertain economy, the hiring market is once again poised for a resurgence. Agencies are ready to reignite growth as forecasts indicate a wave of increased investment across industries.

Data-driven marketing has taken center stage, reshaping how agencies engage with clients and strategise campaigns. As they pivot towards more technical services and solutions, there is a growing need for more specialist data, analytics and technical talent.

We’ve been helping CRM and MarTech agencies faced with challenges in finding and securing the right talent for this new demand. These are some they've experienced:

Shortage of Skills

Expertise that drives data-driven insight is in high demand from all sectors and there is intense competition for talent.

The Right Fit

Finding the right fit that aligns with the dynamics of agency life adds another layer onto their requirements. While not all agencies are the same, those who enjoy a varied, faced-paced, performance-driven environment are generally more suited and likely to thrive.

A Stagnant Candidate Market

In the last half of 2023, surveys pointed to a downward trend of both job openings and resignations, signaling that employees were reluctant to leave their current roles.

Knowledge of the Market

Agencies that are not up to speed with the latest market benchmarks that inform candidate expectations are losing out on candidates who are drawn to more attractive options.

Looking ahead

As markets pick up, we're likely to see more job openings and a more eager candidate market. Emphasis on finding the right candidates over sheer numbers becomes imperative to strategically cut through the clutter.

Identifying roles that align with company growth and knowing exactly what is required is an important step. Evolving HR's role to become a more strategic partner can help set clear expectations around specific requirements for each position. This allows for transparent and clear communication across the whole process - from job descriptions to interview details - helping to improve candidate engagement and retention while supporting candidates to apply to vacancies with confidence.

Knowledge of the hiring market will be essential for agencies to attract the best talent. Considering where candidates spend their time and what's important to them are a way to gain a competitive advantage. Agencies failing to keep pace with the current market benchmarks, which shape candidate expectations around salaries and benefits, risk missing out on candidates who are drawn to more appealing alternatives.

Remote hiring and flexible work arrangements have emerged as crucial incentives, with more companies offering remote work options to attract and retain top talent. Agencies failing to provide flexible work arrangements risk placing themselves at a significant disadvantage.

Next step...

If you're looking to grow your agency team, we're currently offering a free, no obligation consultation that will provide you with the latest talent insights, market conditions, trends, salary bench marketing and demand analysis. Book your free consultation.

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