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8 Key Skills Needed To Work As A Data Analyst

As Data & Analytics recruitment specialists, we certainly know our way around the market and we wanted to help job seekers with this 8 step article on what skills are most important when looking for a job in the Data & Analytics market.

An analytical and creative mind

You need to be able to prove you are passionate about the industry and have both an analytical and creative mind. So, have you created campaigns and projects of your own? Make sure you showcase your creativity!

Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel

Excel is a very powerful piece of software and advanced knowledge of it is essential for data analysts. Because Excel has a huge amount of functions, make sure you know your way around them.

Advanced knowledge of Google & Adobe Analytics

An advanced understanding of the most popular analytical tools on the market will certainly aid your chances in being successful in an application. Google Analytics is the most well-known tool, but Adobe Analytics is also a useful tool that enables powerful analytics.

Campaign management (Adobe Campaign)

Adobe Campaign allows you to manage your data and monitor the performance of your cross-channel campaigns from one place. It simplifies the campaign management process and is a tool regularly used in the industry currently. It is advisable that you become familiar and confident with it.

Reporting – skilled in reporting and data visualisation software, with strong presentation skills

Reporting is a large part of a data analyst role. It is essential that you are well skilled in data visualisation software to help you make sense of the numbers and report back with conclusions from the Data. Numbers themselves don’t mean much!

Scripting & Statistical Language

A Scripting Language like Python or Matlab and a Statistical Language like R and SAS are very useful to know as a data analyst. So, the more languages you know the more you can put on your CV and if you are widely skilled you’ll have a great chance of beating the competition.

Experience with SQL programming

SQL (Structured Query language) is a really important programming language in the Data and Analytics industry. It’s one of the most valuable skills within the market and one which far too few possess. If you can become skilled in this area it will greatly enhance your chances of beating your competition to the role. Whilst this won’t be needed for some data analyst roles, it is advantageous to have it in your armory.


The Data & Analytics industry is no different in terms of employers favouring those candidates with relevant experience of working in a team. Although a lot of Analytical work can be independent, you still need to be able to work in teams to complete projects. Your portfolio should showcase this, with individual and group tasks highlighted.


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