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How to prepare for a job interview? Using the STAR technique

You’ve secured the job interview, now it’s about preparation and anticipating what questions you might be asked to interview. The thing I would strongly recommend is, first of all, looking at the STAR technique. This is a technique to answer competency-based question, how to structure an answer.

1. Situation  2. Task 3. Action 4. Results

Spend some time explaining the situation what the background to it was. Then what the task was and then I guess where your point-scoring it comes in is the action. So being able to methodically go through every single step that you took in order to deliver that particular project.

Make sure you don’t skip over things and assume things really explaining in a lot of detail. Exactly how you went about that and talking in as YOU did it rather than WE. That people want to hear what you specifically did to contribute to that particular task. And then importantly result, what was the outcome what was the impact.

First of all, it’s really important to get that structure and then obviously think about your examples and think of those that are going to be particularly focused around the data analysis work that you’ve done.


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