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Streamline your hiring process with video engagement

In today’s fiercely competitive data and digital talent markets, the capacity to move quickly is crucial in your ability to secure the best candidates. Whilst speed is a key component, the challenge is making sure it doesn’t compromise the suitability for your hires.

Our latest video interviewing platform is helping to streamline our client’s recruitment processes. Without having to schedule time out of the day, it enables talent and hiring managers to accurately identify the best candidates by providing a new level of visibility and insight during the screening process.

It ensures that, having fully understood your requirements, we only put candidates that fit the brief forward for a formal interview. This means that our clients don’t waste any time interviewing unsuitable candidates that, on paper, might have appeared to be a good match.

How does it work?

We work with you to fully understand your requirements and establish screening questions and criteria with which to measure candidate responses.

Once we've established a shortlist of prospects based on your specific requirements, we record a short online video of each candidate that can be reviewed and assessed at a convenient time. The video includes notes and presents all the key information about each candidate.

What are the key benefits?

This enables you to easily assess whether a candidate possesses the necessary knowledge and skills with on-the-spot questions. You will be able to visually gauge their confidence and assess body language and communication style.

The processes gives an insight into a candidate's resolve as being filmed adds a layer of pressure. Challenging someone to think on their feet rather than prepare for obvious questions can separate a top-quality candidate from an average one.

It provides a clear insight into their personality and interests which may or may not fit into you company's culture. You'll find out what they're passionate about and what drives them.

It reduces barriers and the cost of interviewing too early in the hiring process. It'll help prevent scheduling, travel or health issues and provide a more convenient interview experience for passive candidates.

If you would like to learn more about how Bodhi can help streamline and improve the efficiency of your hiring process, get in touch on 0330 335 0464 or email


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