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All for one or one for all? The case for an exclusive recruitment partner

When searching for the best talent it’s tempting to engage with multiple recruitment agencies. What quicker way to hire talent than have a number of recruiters racing to get CVs to you?


Creating a ‘first past the post’ scenario makes it impossible for recruiters to prioritise quality over speed, or risk losing your business.

Multiple recruiters means multiple briefings, multiple contacts, multiple updates and dozens of CVs to review – adding unnecessary time to a hiring manager’s workload.

It also leaves a bad impression if candidates are being contacted by different recruiters, revealing a chaotic recruitment process that dilutes your brand message – there’s no consistency and no control.

Partnering exclusively with a specialist who has a deep understanding of your business will provide a more effective solution. They’ll work collaboratively to understand your culture and skill sets needed to find your perfect candidate or team.

There’s no shortcut to getting great candidates – it takes time, skill and perseverance.


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